Reliable Exchangers 2024

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Whitelist: which exchanges can be trusted?

The exchange of fiat and digital currencies is carried out on the Internet. This conversion method is much more convenient, since it can be done using any gadget. However, it is not so easy to find trusted exchanges online. Such a service should have a full list of documents for the legal processing of exchange transactions, as well as a wide range of currencies available for conversion.

Experienced analysts on the Otziv-broker have compiled a whitelist of services, which includes exclusively reliable exchanges that provide quality services to a wide range of users around the world. Clients of such exchanges often leave positive reviews about their work, and they gain high user ratings.

How to identify reliable exchanges?

To find exchanges that you can trust with large sums of money, you need to study the full list of information about these services, as well as look at the comments of those people who have already used them. For more complete analytics, examinations of the operation of exchanges and reviews of their functionality are used. How to find proven exchanges? To do this, you should pay attention to:

  • reviews from real clients. Many services purchase fake complimentary comments on the Internet, but honest exchanges are quite easy to identify from real comments. Such reviews are written informatively and with mention of the features;
  • list of payment systems. Exchanges that provide support for popular and reliable payment systems often offer a higher quality service;
  • list of convertible currencies. Verified exchanges included in the whitelist must provide conversion services for a wide range of currencies.

Reviews at Otziv-broker contain all the facts, and also clearly demonstrate the real procedures on the sites. Articles included in the whitelist contain detailed descriptions of currency conversion processes, as well as reviews of the advantages that reliable exchanges.

How do we create a whitelist of exchanges?

To compile the whitelist of exchanges, a group of financial experts is involved, which conducts a detailed analysis of all transactions available to users. We pay attention to both the site’s throughput and the statistics of successful operations. Based on reliable data, we compile an honest evaluation of the services.