Blacklist of Chargeback services 2024

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Unscrupulous Chargeback Services 2024

Chargeback services have emerged as a beacon of hope for victims of financial scams, offering assistance in reclaiming lost funds. However, amidst the genuine service providers, a growing number of fraudulent entities have infiltrated the industry, preying on already vulnerable individuals. In order to steal clients’ money, unscrupulous chargeback employees distribute fake reviews about their services, and also order praiseworthy reviews of companies that end up on the first pages of search sites.

This list is meticulously curated based on thorough analysis of companies that have demonstrated a history of deceiving and defrauding their clients. This list is constantly updated with new chargeback services, which:

  • did not return money to customers, despite the stated return guarantees;
  • took an advance and stopped communicating;
  • constantly ignored appeals from defrauded investors.

Fraudsters often promise their clients a refund in the shortest possible time. However, you should pay attention to the fact that chargeback services cannot guarantee a refund at all.

How to detect fraudulent chargeback services?

To detect dishonest chargebacks, you need to study the blacklist of such companies presented on the Otziv-broker website. It is always up to date and includes a lot of evidence of the poor quality of work of return offices. Financial analysts also often signal which chargeback services are scammers.

In addition, you need to study reviews from real customers of chargeback services. The blacklist of companies offering refunds is updated daily with new scammers, so it is important to stay informed and carefully study the reviews of such services.

How do chargeback companies cheat?

Fraudulent services often offer their customers to make an advance payment in order to speed up the money return procedure. Such requests are considered illegal in any situation. Chargeback is carried out by payment systems that consider applications one by one. This process cannot be influenced in any way, so any company offering prepayment is automatically blacklisted.

Another common way of deceiving chargebacks is to recommend that the customer purchase a more expensive package of services. This also does not in any way affect the likelihood of a refund, however, if the procedure is successful, the customer pays a higher percentage. This move also proves the manipulative nature of the chargeback service.