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Blacklist of companies 2024

The list of financial scammers includes not only fraudulent brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges and HYIPs. Attackers can create fake regulatory bodies, analytical platforms with “super-profitable” strategies, and other projects aimed at deceiving users. To warn you about the danger, we have created the “Other” category. Here you will find a blacklist of companies involved in financial fraud.

How to understand that a company is a scammer?

Fraudulent companies often use clever tactics to attract customers and investors by promising quick and guaranteed returns. Here are some signs that can help you spot unscrupulous companies:

  • guaranteed high incomes. Scammers often promise easy and quick earnings. For example, they may offer strategies that promise 100% annual returns or even more.
  • unclear scheme of work. Fraudulent companies often do not provide clear information about their investment strategies or operating methods. They may use vague terms or promise “secret” methods to attract customers without revealing details of their activities.
  • false documents or lack of legal grounds for work. Some scam companies may create fake regulatory bodies or associations to claim legitimacy. They use fake certificates or regulator logos to gain customer trust.

How do we create a blacklist?

Our specialists form a blacklist by analyzing the market and identifying unscrupulous and fraudulent companies. The blacklist includes fake analytics platforms, advisors, robots or regulators offering services to other scammers. Experts conduct comprehensive research, study customer reviews, analyze financial statements and check the availability of legal documents.

Why is it important to study the blacklist?

Studying the blacklist of companies will help you avoid participating in financial scams and save money. Minimize risks, increase your awareness and make informed decisions. We do everything to ensure that you have the best chance of finding a reliable financial partner and increasing your capital. All information on our website is unbiased, up-to-date and objective!


Who should look into the blacklist of companies?

The blacklist of companies 2024 will be useful for active traders and investors, beginners and professionals. We provide objective information to help you make informed decisions and have a better chance of making money.

What are the main signs of a fraudulent company?

The main signs of fraudulent companies are the lack of legal documents, a short period of existence, and negative reviews.

What to do if you were deceived?

If you have become a victim of a financial company, you need to find professional lawyers and contact a chargeback.