Reliable Chargeback Services 2024

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How to find reliable chargeback services?

Traders deceived by brokers quite often turn to chargeback services, hoping to get their money back. Such companies offer consultations and legal assistance. Payment is a certain percentage of the amount that they help return. Financial services analysts are generally positive about the activities of such services. However, user reviews raise concerns, because not all such chargeback services are trusted companies.

How to find reliable chargeback services that really help you get money back? Especially for such cases, analysts on the Otziv-broker website have created a whitelist of companies that help return deposits from defrauded clients of trading plarforms.

This list includes objective reviews of chargeback services, supported by reliable information from various sources. By studying the whitelist, you can quickly find reliable chargeback services.

What are the criteria for choosing chargeback services?

Financial experts and lawyers highlight several main criteria for selecting companies that help with refunds. In accordance with them, all chargeback services included in the whitelist must have:

  • positive reviews. Such comments should not be the vast majority, because it may be suspicious. Reviews must be from real people, this information can be verified and proven;
  • qualified lawyers. Chargeback services are required to provide legal assistance to people who contact them;
  • documentation that confirms the legality of their activities. Reliable chargeback services must provide copies of their company registrations and licenses.

To be included in the whitelist, chargeback services are checked, and based on the results of the check, their reputation rating is published.

Why do you need a whitelist of chargeback services?

Recently, more and more companies have appeared on the financial market providing assistance to traders and investors whose accounts have been blocked. Many users simply do not have time to figure out which of them can be trusted. Reviews of proven chargeback services help you quickly and objectively assess the work of such companies and decide on the choice of a reliable financial advisor. This increases the likelihood of successfully returning funds to defrauded investors.