Blacklist of CFD brokers 2024

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CFD Broker Blacklist 2024

CFDs are considered high-risk instruments, so trading them always involves high financial risks. If you make the wrong choice of broker, there will be no chance of making money a priori. Such companies can only create the illusion of trade and steal other people’s money. However, it will be difficult to distinguish a fraudulent broker from a real company. Such swindlers are well disguised. We recommend exercising extreme caution and always verifying the authenticity of the information provided on the brokerage website.

If you don’t know what criteria to look for when choosing a CFD broker, we recommend taking a look at our blacklist. It includes companies that have managed to ruin their reputation and received negative feedback from real clients, as well as regulators. We have done a comprehensive study and want to share the main facts. You will learn how a CFD broker blacklist is formed and how to distinguish an honest company from a fraudulent one.

Which CFD Brokers Are Blacklisted 2024?

When choosing a company for CFD trading, it is important to do comprehensive research and study many facts. Check legal documents, authenticity of information on the broker’s website, and commercial offer. The CFD broker blacklist includes the companies that:

  • promise to earn money with zero risks. If a brokerage organization tells you that you can make a good income even without experience, this is a lie.promise to earn money with zero risks. If a brokerage organization tells you that you can make a good income even without experience, this is a lie. The company wants to take your money. Without proper financial asset management, you risk being left without a penny.
  • do not provide information about the company itself and the commercial offer.
  • prefer secrecy – this is a clear sign of a fraudulent CFD broker. Such companies offer users to first log in, top up their brokerage account, and then only present a commercial offer.
  • provide false documents or fail to disclose legal information. If the platform does not have scanned copies of the certificate of incorporation or license, most likely the CFD broker is operating illegally and can imitate the trading process.
  • offer enslaving trading conditions. The blacklist of CFD brokers included companies that use large spreads, swaps, and leverage. It allows the company to steal other people’s money.

Relevance of the CFD broker blacklist

Our experts always monitor the relevance of the CFD broker blacklist, so you will always be informed and will not fall into a financial trap. We check the accuracy of the information provided by brokers, the commercial offer, the availability and authenticity of legal documents. By studying expert reviews, you can get as much information as possible and make a reasoned decision.


What is the use of a CFD broker blacklist?

Thanks to the blacklist of brokers, you can find out which CFD companies have had a negative reputation (received bad feedback from real clients, regulators). This list is constantly updated and we keep it up to date.

What are the main criteria for a fraudulent CFD broker?

Fake CFD brokers work without legal documents and make empty promises (quick profits, earnings without risks, etc.). Such companies hide information about themselves.

How is the CFD broker blacklist formed?

Our experts conduct comprehensive research to create an up-to-date CFD broker blacklist. We take into account information from various sources, reviews from real traders, brokers’ solvency, etc.