Coin Market Solutions: overview of conditions, feedback

Coin Market Solutions: overview of conditions, feedback
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    The bullish rally in Bitcoin and other altcoins has proven that the crypto market has great potential. Interesting options for cooperation can be found even among new exchanges. A striking example is the Estonian exchange Coin Market Solutions. It is an innovative platform offering a large list of financial instruments — cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets.

    We offer an overview of trading opportunities on the website and the company’s services. In this article, we will also consider feedback from real customers of the exchange. in-depth review: how user-friendly and functional this trading platform is? done sensibly. It is immediately evident that professionals worked on the creation of this trading platform. They thought of everything to the last detail. The interface of the site is intuitive and laconic, the content is not empty promises and advertising slogans, but concrete figures and facts. This allows you to evaluate the benefits of cooperation, get acquainted with the company’s roadmap and up-to-date statistics.

    There are several sections in the main menu:

    • News. The company monitors the situation and talks about important events for digital coins, publishes expert opinions of well-known personalities on the crypto market;
    • About company. Here you will find a short history of Coin Market Solutions creation, roadmap;
    • Tools. The exchange introduces traders to the list of available assets: tokenized stock indices, commodities, precious metals, energy assets, cryptocurrencies, which are suitable for short-term and long-term speculation;
    • Services. In addition to active trading, the cryptocurrency exchange offers a wide range of additional services, including licensing exchange, personal banking, help account manager, saving account;
    • FAQ. This section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions. We recommend you to study this information;
    • Why us. Coin Market Solutions talks in detail about the benefits of cooperation, quality of service;
    • Types of accounts. There is a large selection of accounts on the exchange, which differ not only in the size of the deposit, but also in the list of services;
    • Training. The company is ready to cooperate with both professionals and beginners. Inexperienced traders will be able to gain basic knowledge of trading on the cryptocurrency market;
    • «Blog«. In this section you will find technical reviews of the market, as well as useful materials that will help to make the right decision.

    Even a cursory review of is enough to understand that the company is focused on long-term cooperation with traders. The authors of the project do not hide the names of top managers, contact details, as well as their real location (QYT OÜ14830024 Peterburi tee 47, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Tallinn, Harjumaakond, 11415). The cryptocurrency exchange really has an open and transparent policy.

    What is known about the parent company of the Coin Market Solutions

    The crypto exchange was founded by ECM Limited from Estonia (its head office is located in Tallinn). According to the information provided on the official website of Coin Market Solutions, the organization conducts licensed activities. Its work is regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. The site has a warning about the risks that may accompany trading cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets. Users are encouraged to make informed decisions in order to achieve financial success.

    The Coin Market Solutions cryptocurrency exchange was launched in Q4 2019 and recently underwent an upgrade. At the time of writing this review, the services of this trading platform are already used by more than 5,000 traders from around the world. Users appreciated:

    • variety of financial assets — more than 300 financial instruments are available for trading;
    • efficiency of order execution;
    • risk-free transactions;
    • multilevel protection against hacking;
    • licensed activity;
    • quality teaching;
    • good support (operators are ready to help 24/7);
    • availability of additional services and a multilevel referral program;
    • a wide range of payment methods;
    • algorithmic trading;
    • the ability to open a saving account.

    Coin Market Solutions work mechanisms are completely transparent. You can learn more about the terms of cooperation from the legal documents that the cryptocurrency exchange recommends to read before creating an account.

    How to contact Coin Market Solutions support

    The Coin Market Solutions website contains the following contacts:

    If you have questions about the terms of cooperation, the support is ready to answer them at any convenient time.

    Overview of registration on

    To become a client of an innovative crypto-exchange, you must register. The procedure is simple and takes only a few minutes. The user needs to fill out an electronic form:

    • name;
    • last name;
    • telephone (with international code);
    • e-mail;
    • password (twice).
    Coin Market Solutions: overview of conditions, feedback

    Verification is a mandatory procedure, because the company operates in accordance with European legislation and follows the AML and KYC requirements. The exchange guarantees users the confidentiality of information and its safety.

    Coin Market Solutions Terms Overview

    Coin Market Solutions is an innovative platform that offers trading:

    • Crypto/Crypto (23 exchange directions);
    • Indices/Bitcoin (or USDT);
    • Stocks/Bitcoin (or USDT);
    • Crypto/USDT (16 exchange directions);
    • Commodities Bitcoin (or USDT).

    Traders can conduct transactions with cryptocurrency pairs, as well as tokenized assets (stocks, precious metals, commodities, energy resources, indices).

    Let’s review the accounts on Coin Market Solutions:

    • Silver. To become the owner of such an account, you will need at least 500 USDT. The minimum investment period is 5 months. The company promises traders daily analytical reviews by email, 1:5 leverage, basic training, access to its online terminal;
    • Gold. Deposit — from 5,000 USDT. The minimum investment period is 6 months. Traders have access to a risk-free deal and one trading signal weekly, 1:5 leverage, 15-minute consultation with an analyst (once a week), commission-free deposit and withdrawal;
    • Platinum. 25,000 USDT is such a minimum deposit. Features: access to algorithmic trading (1 robot with ready-made settings is provided), an extended training program, 3 trading signals and up to two consultations with an analyst weekly, 24/7 support, analysis of the history of transactions;
    • VIP. The minimum balance top-up is 100,000 USDT. Traders have access to 3 risk-free deals weekly, help of a personal analyst, priority execution of deals, leverage 1:10, up to ten trading signals per week, 2% to a saving account, 2 robots for algorithmic trading (software with ready-made settings);
    •  VIP+. Traders who top up their balance in the amount of 500,000 USDT or more will be able to appreciate the following advantages: 3 robots with ready-made settings, leverage 1:10, unlimited trading signals, 4 risk-free transactions, 25% to a saving account, zero commissions for deposits and withdrawals, priority order execution;
    •  Dragon. This is a premium account, to open which you need to top up the balance in the amount of 1 million USDT or more. The main advantages of the account: 5 robots with ready-made settings for algorithmic trading and 5 risk-free trades, leverage 1:10, unlimited signals, the highest priority of order execution, 3% to a saving account, 24/7 support + help of a personal manager, financial advisor.

    To increase customer loyalty, the company provided risk-free transactions instead of a demo account. This allows you not only to practice without risks, but also to earn profit in case of a good financial transaction.

    The cryptocurrency exchange has taken care of a wide selection of payment methods:

    • cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC);
    • Visa and Mastercard;
    • Swift;
    • Sepa.

    There is no commission for depositing and withdrawing money (except for Visa and Mastercard, where the commission is 2.5%). Note that fiat currencies are converted into bitcoins or USDT at the current rate at the time of the transaction.

    How to get passive income on Coin Market Solutions

    Do you want to make money on Coin Market Solutions without investment? The cryptocurrency exchange offers passive income through participation in the referral program. The company promises good rewards for attracting new customers.

    Benefits of the referral program from Coin Market Solutions:

    • fast start;
    • lack of investment;
    • excellent selection of advertising materials to promote the offer;
    • guaranteed payments;
    • multilevel reward system.

    What do real customers write in the comments about Coin Market Solutions?

    At the beginning of the review, we said that was launched in 2019. This is a young exchange for tokenized assets, but it has already got positive feedback from users. Traders note the high quality of service, favorable conditions and quick withdrawal of profit. review verdict

    Coin Market Solutions is aimed at long-term work, therefore it tries to provide quality service and advanced functionality. The official website has a simple and intuitive interface that even novice traders can easily understand. The company offers good training materials, opportunities for passive earnings (referral program, saving account). It guarantees favorable conditions for financial transactions and their safety. This makes Coin Market Solutions a promising player on the cryptocurrency market.

    Автор статьи: Елена Делова

    Автор статьи: Елена Делова

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